About Us

33 Point 3 Exports, Inc. was established on 1990 in Cebu City, the center and focal point of the houseware industry in the Philippines. The company began as a manufacturer and exporter of fashion accessories to several buyers form Japan,Europe and USA. Because of its growing demand in the export market, the company started its venture for houseware and gift items, made of rattan, buri, nito, lampakany abaca and other local materials. The company regularly develops original,updated and finely crafted products to compete with other exporters in the industry.


From the start,the company's principle has been to produce high-quality products that are made of indigenous materials ranging from shells to plant fibers, wall arts and figurals, as well as mirrors combined with rattan and a variety of natural materials

33 Point 3 continues to expand its current Houseware collection with different shapes and weaves. With its ever-proactive Product Development Team, 33 Point 3 ensures that it stays relevant with the needs of its current and new clients.



Filipinos have always been considered one of the leading minds in design and development. With our creative and pro-active staff, we are able to come up with new design based on buyer's preferences or new trends int the market

>>Social responsible entrepreneur

Since the start, our President's focus has always been to provide the less fortunate people a source of livelihood. This has been possible through basket weaving. Our ability to help more individuals can have a longer effect through our continued partnership with Target